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Bagot Goat

The Bagot Goat is a small goat, with a black head and neck to the withers/girth and the remainder of the body predominantly white. It may sport a white "star", "stripe" or blaze on its face, with a narrow chin stripe sometimes extending the length of the neck to the brisket. The white areas frequently sport isolated black dots, with sometimes the black extending as a "saddle" along the back. The head is delicate with either a straight or slightly dished face, often appearing triangular when viewed from the front due to wide forehead and narrow muzzle.


On females, the horns tend to be straight or slightly rearward curving from the centre of the forehead. On males the horns are wider set and form large sweeping curves over the back. Unlike domesticated breeds that have been "improved" to have a leg in each corner, they are naturally "cow-hocked", which is typical of wild goats and ibex; being an advantage on rough terrain. Their top and belly lines tend to be roughly parallel in mature animals (unlike the Swiss breed milking goats which tend to have a triangular appearance), with young (particularly bucks) often appearing triangular in reverse of the milking breeds, in other words deep chested and narrow at the waist.

For further reading, please visit The Bagot Goat Society.

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